USA and Canada

USA is one of the biggest in demand importers of goods from UAE. A tonnage volume of goods daily to USA will make you amaze on the business market going in this streamline. Green Agency Cargo LLC has established a strong foundation in connecting import and export to this business stream with the help of our superior Airline and Shipping Line providers. With a high volume shipment, one can strategize on shipping high volume and gain low cost per unit.

West coast and East coast ports play a vital role in connecting the mainland destinations. With the given major east coast ports such New York, Baltimore, and Houston, it paved a way logistically to increase volume of shipments on these ports as hub on the distribution of cargoes to different parts of the states as well as to reaching Canada region.

Canada bound vessel considering its long transit to Vancouver connecting to Edmonton and some parts of the region, shipping line has increased the sailing frequency going to this region into a weekly basis to cater shipments on the west coast.

As our trusted Airline providers, USA and Canada air shipments have been very smooth with a daily flight departing bound to almost all states of America and Canada. Door to door air express parcels and cargoes are 2-3 days transit and might even earlier depending on customs formalities. We provide updated tracking and shipment status on a daily basis through our advance tracking system. Volume-based shipment is the most cost effective way of shipping as USA bound cargo is at high level.