UK and Europe

European Union plays a vital role on the logistics partnerships among countries. Throughout the years, connecting shipments to different parts of Europe has been easy and smooth considering the tight border controls. Green Agency Cargo LLC as part of the developing freight forwarding business in UAE has established a good rapport in making the loop of logistics continuous in European region.

High volume- low cost strategy to UK and France hub ports are one of the best ways on distributing the cargoes to different areas of the region. With the daily bound shipments to UK and France, it is indisputable that transit time going these areas is very short and timely.

The Channel Tunnel is an important gateway for European logistics service providers, as its trucks make 20,000 crossings a year for land transport between the UK and mainland Europe.

The strong British economy played an important role in attracting roll-on/roll-off traffic via the North Sea. The Port of Antwerp is also one of the busiest ports catering as hub for the region. The new Deurganck dock now enables the port to handle more containers, and there are further plans to expand the container handling capacity from 2020 onward.