Time matters to everyone and it matters to your cargo. When time is crucial and need a fast delivery, our air freight services are your best option as we offer daily flights worldwide with an updated tracking system

Door Delivery

We offer individual or commercial door to door services on a daily basis for your urgent parcels going to USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East, Australia, Asia and mostly all parts of the world at the best rate you could imagine. The more cargo you can ship, the lesser you will pay on a kilogram basis. We have a solid connection with the top international couriers such as Fedex, DHL, and UPS who can deliver your goods safe and just right on time.

Airport to Airport

We can offer an on-time and budget-wise air transport of your cargo by loading it directly to airline. Advise your destination port and we will arrange everything for you. We have good contract agreement with major airlines such as Emirates Air, Fly Dubai, Kenya Airways, Saudi Airlines, Ethiopian Air, and Etihad Airways.