Arabian countries somehow have a very different rule in importing and exporting goods within the region. Green Agency Cargo LLC, as an expert in transporting these countries, will offer the best service via LTL / FTL, Air and SEA shipments to Gulf peninsula. Green Agency caters distribution, purchasing and warehouse management and logistics services to numerous companies whose business is wholesale, retail and even logistics.

Large scale of investment and open economic policies has turned the Arabian Gulf into the logistical hub of this huge trans-continental trade. Moreover, the free zones in the region, including Jebel Ali, Salalah Port and Dubai Cargo Village are not just entry points for goods coming into the Gulf. They also act as transit points for cargo destined to countries around the world.

Dubai has become a regional hub for business expanding into Africa and nearby countries. Dubai indeed has been one of the focal points of this transmutation, becoming in a very short time one of the pivotal trading hubs in the world. Taking advantage of its location mid-way between Asia and Europe, its ports are among the most active and efficient in the world.