East Africa

  • Ethiopia
  • Djibouti
  • Somalia
  • Kenya

We have a very reliable connection to shipping lines bound to major ports of East Africa. The challenge of connecting into different parts of Africa without ports is one of our goals on providing companies a link from UAE to Africa and vise versa. The main focus of the goal is to facilitate partnerships and to connect African companies with the global transport and logistics industry.

Gateways to connect Africa to the rest of the world are also important. There aren't enough ports to handle current traffic. However, there are existing ports that caters as hub or entry from and to the central African countries. East ports are Djibouti, Mogadishu, Berbera, Dar Es Salaam, Maputu, and Durban.

Many companies looking to expand into East Africa are looking at Kenya as their preferred entry point. Kenya is still one of the easier African countries in which to do business because it has flexible labor regulations and investment laws that allow foreign investors to receive the same treatment as local ones.

Green Agency Cargo LLC who has been operating with these countries for years and had witnessed the ups and downs of Africa market, is entirely capable of providing you the best range of options in connecting the supply through Air, Sea and by Land.