An estimated 6,500 nautical miles away from UAE to Australia on a regular vessel transit that passes by Singapore port for a pit stop. Green Agency Cargo LLC together with our partners on shipping has a weekly vessel departing from Jebel Ali port. Thus, providing the customers a good service and timely arrival of vessels to Melbourne and Fremantle as two of the biggest ports in Australia.

Air freight makes up a small but important part of Australia's overall freight task and is predominantly used to transport high-value and time-critical goods such as parcels. Airports have become a part of multi-modal transport hubs.

The strategic road and rail routes connecting different places in Australia have significantly give an efficient links between cities including ports, airports and inter modal terminals. Australia is connected to the global economy through shipping and air movements which transport bulk commodities and general cargo. Australia's major ports, airports and inter modal terminals make up the freight nodes linked by road, rail, air and coastal shipping as a freight transport system.

Ensuring the efficiency of Australia's shipping industry, ports and the links to them on both land and sea-sides are of critical importance to the nation's economy. The government works closely with the states and territories and industry to develop and implement initiatives aimed at unlocking the full potential of ports and ensuring that these integral linkages in the transport network are strengthened. These initiatives include an emphasis on the long-term planning of port infrastructure, supply chain visibility and the mapping of key freight routes that connect the nationally significant places for freight.